VII/Twelve by Heather Page, 10 inches x 9 5/8 inches, monotype on paper

Title: VII/Twelve
Media: Monotype on paper
Size: 10″ x 9 ⅝”
Edition: 1/1
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VI/Twelve is an original monotype on paper.

A monotype is a unique print that starts out as a drawing or painting on a surface (usually something non-porous like a blank printing plate or a piece of mylar) that is transferred to another surface with pressure.

VIII/Twelve by Heather Page, 11 5/8 inches x 10 3/4 inches, monotype on paper
VI/Twelve began as a ghost print of the drawing I made for VIII/Twelve (on the left). A ghost print is any print made off of a printing plate after the first print without reinking the plate. Over the ghost image, I printed many thin washes (ink thinned with spirits and/or oils) of oil-based ink and paint.

For more information on monotypes and how they are made, please visit my about prints page.


I associate each of the Twelve prints with a month. VI/Twelve represents a sultry day on the lakeshore in southern Ontario in the blues, reds, and greens of July.