IV/Twelve by Heather Page, 11.5 inches x 10.75 inches, monotype on paper

Title: IV/Twelve
Media: Monotype on paper
Size: 11.5” x 10.75″
Edition: 1/1
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IV/Twelve is an original monotype on paper.

V/Twelve by Heather Page, 11 5/8 inches x 10 1/2 inches, monotype on paper
Most of this print’s imagery comes from a drawing I made with water-soluble crayons on a Plexiglas plate. Sending the plate through a press with a moistened piece of paper activates the crayons and transfers the drawing to the paper.
If I draw heavily, I can usually get three prints from one drawing. Anything printed after the first print is called a ghost print, because the image lightens with each printing. V/Twelve, to the left, is a ghost print of IV/Twelve.

For more information on monotypes and how they are made, please visit my about prints page.


I associate each of the Twelve prints with a month. IV/Twelve represents April in southern Ontario, with a pebble-lined pond under a blue sky.