I/Twelve by Heather Page, 10.5 inches x 9.5 inches, chine collé and monotype on paper

Title: I/Twelve
Media: Chine collé and monotype on paper
Size: 10.5″ x 9.5″
Edition: 1/1
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I/Twelve is an original monotype with chine collé on paper.
A monotype is a unique print that starts out as a drawing or painting on a surface (usually something non-porous like a blank printing plate or a piece of mylar) that is transferred to another surface with pressure.

III/Twelve by Heather Page, 10 inches x 9.25 inches, monotype on paperII/Twelve by Heather Page, 10.5 inches x 10 inches, monotype on paperMost of I/Twelve comes from a drawing I made with water-soluble crayons on a Plexiglas plate. Sending the plate through a press with a moistened piece of paper activates the crayons and transfers the drawing to the paper.
If I draw heavily, I can usually get three prints from one drawing. Anything printed after the first print is called a ghost print, because the image lightens with each printing. Both III/Twelve (to the left) and II/Twelve (to the right) are ghost prints of I/Twelve.

Chine collé is collaging and printing at the same time. The collage papers are usually thin and add color and/or texture to a print.
For I/Twelve, I spread adhesive over a piece of kinwashi paper (a thin asian paper with fibers scattered over it) and aligned it to my printing plate, sticky side up. I then placed the monotype on top and ran the pile through a press.
For more information on monotypes and how they are made, please visit my about prints page.


I associate each of the Twelve prints with a month. I/Twelve represents January in southern Ontario, with the wintery yellows, blues, and greens of the fields on a clear day.