Lichens by Heather Page, silk screen on paper, 6 inches x 6 inches

Title: Lichens
Media: Silk Screen on paper
Size: 6” x 6”
Edition: 1/8-8/8, I-XXV/XXV e.v.
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Lichens is an original silk screen print on paper in four colors made from three silk screens.

A silk screen print is made by pushing ink through a stretched piece of mesh.
Images are made by blocking out parts of the mesh. We call this a stencil. There are all sorts of ways to make stencils. For Lichens, I used photographic stencils.
To make a photographic stencil:

  • I coat a screen with a photosensitive emulsion.
  • I then place a transparency—an opaque image on a transparent or translucent background—on the screen and expose the two to light.
  • Next, I wash out the screen with water. Any part of the screen that was covered by the opaque image washes away, leaving a thin stencil that is the reverse of the image.
  • When I print, the ink can only pass through the washed-out image area, creating a print that looks just like the image.

For more information on silk screen prints and how they are made, please visit my about prints page.



Lichens is a split edition, meaning there are two separate editions using the same screens.
Lichens by Heather Page, silk screen on paper, 6 inches x 6 inchesI made one edition, numbering 1/8-8/8 for a print portfolio, which is a collection of prints following a theme.
More information on editions
Lichens by Heather Page, silk screen and lithograph on paper, 6 inches x 6 inchesThe other edition numbers I/XXV-XXV/XXV e.v.
E.V. is an abbreviation for édition variée (varied edition), which means that there are variances in the prints. In this edition, the paper varies in color and texture, the ink varies in intensity and hue, and many of the prints have lithographs and intaglio prints under the silk screen layers.