En Hiver

En Hiver by Heather Page, silk screen on paper, 5 7/8 inches x 5 7/8 inches

Title: En Hiver
Media: Silk Screen on paper
Size: 5 7/8” x 5 7/8”
Edition: 1/50-50/50, I-XXXII/XXXII
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En Hiver is an original silk screen print on bristol paper in six colors.
Transparency for En Hiver by Heather Page, digital print on frosted mylar, 24 inches by 18 inches
Transparency for En Hiver’s copper screen, digital print on translucent paper, 24″h x 18″w
We make silk screen prints by pushing ink through a stretched piece of mesh.
Images are made by blocking out parts of the mesh. We call this a stencil. There are all sorts of ways to make stencils. For Lichens, I used photographic stencils.
To make a photographic stencil:

  1. I coat a screen with a photosensitive emulsion and let it dry in the dark.
  2. I then place a transparency—an opaque image on a transparent background like the one on the left—on the screen and expose the two to light.
  3. Next, I wash out the screen with water. Any part of the screen that was covered by the opaque image washes away, leaving a thin stencil that is the inverse of the image. So, the transparent background in the transparency is now a green coating on the screen and the black image is now open–or uncovered–mesh.
  4. When I squeegee ink through the screen, it can only pass through the washed-out image area, creating a print that looks just like the image.

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En Hiver is is a split edition, meaning there are two separate editions using the same screens.

One edition, numbered 1/50-50/50, has a calendar below the image and is sold out. The other, numbered I/XXXII-XXXII/XXXII, is of just the image.
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Portfolio prints for A Year in Prints, silk screen on paper, each 8.27” x 5.83”

I created En Hiver (in winter in French) for “A Year In Prints”, a calendar print project organized by Hilary Grant and Nikki McWiliams in Dundee, Scotland.

Twelve artists across the UK and beyond created miniature silk screen prints in homage of their chosen months. In addition to myself and the organizers, the collaboration also included prints by Jen Collins, Abby Wright, Jo Foster, Tracey Smith, Rae Duncan, Mahala Le May, Liz Myhill, Lauren Gentry, and Jo Butler.
Representing December, En Hiver celebrates the colors and textures of an early winter day in the Midwest.