Le Brouillard Givrant

Le Brouillard Givrant by Heather Page, silk screen and relief print on silver and aluminum-gilded paper on panel, 11.75 inches x 23 7/8 inches x 2 inches

Title: Le Brouillard Givrant
Media: Silk screen and relief print on silver and aluminum-gilded paper on panel
Size: 11.75”h x 23 7/8”w x 2”d
Edition: 1/1
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Le Brouillard Givrant is a one-of-a-kind silk screen and relief print on silver and aluminum-gilded mulberry paper on panel.
Gilding is the application of very thin sheets of metal (called leaf) to a surface.
For this piece, I glued silver and aluminum leaf to mulberry paper using a special adhesive and then burnished it flat.
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Le Brouillard Givrant by Heather Page, detail image 2, silk screen and relief print on silver and aluminum-gilded paper on panel, 11.75 inches x 23 7/8 inches x 2 inchesWe make relief prints by rolling ink over the surface of an object, placing a piece of paper on top, and transferring the ink to the paper with pressure.
The print I used to create the background in this piece came from my Reverb Series.
Like the other early prints in the series, I printed a large relief block with clear ink, which is the silver color you see in the image to the left.
The yellow color comes from hanging the print in a gallery exhibition. The air in the gallery reacted with the exposed silver gilding, quickly tarnishing it. Before the silver could turn to black, I then sealed the entire print with gloss medium.
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We make silk screen prints by pushing ink through a stretched piece of mesh.
Images are made by blocking out parts of the mesh. We call this a stencil. For this print, I used photographic stencils.
To make a photographic stencil:

  1. I coat a screen with a photosensitive emulsion and let it dry in the dark.
  2. I then place a transparency—an opaque image on a transparent background like the one on the left—on the screen and expose the two to light.
  3. Next, I wash out the screen with water. Any part of the screen that was covered by the opaque image washes away, leaving a thin stencil that is the inverse of the image. So, the transparent background in the transparency is now a green coating on the screen and the black image is now open–or uncovered–mesh.
  4. When I squeegee ink through the screen, it can only pass through the washed-out image area, creating a print that looks just like the image.

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This is a one-of-a-kind print, also known as a monoprint.

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The Parlour Games Series is about testing the limits of what is acceptable in art we bring into our homes with color, with the degree of chaos in design, and with the subject matter–lichens.

Le Brouillard Givrant means ice fog in French.
The silver background, limited color, and lack of depth in this piece remind me of foggy winter mornings in the Midwest.
Everything seemed silent and still on those mornings. And as the fog lifted, it unveiled a magical world covered in ice.
It is a reminder that Nature can create beauty and wonder, even in the most desolate time of the year.