La Grêle

La Grêle by Heather Page. Painting, silk screen, and wax grattage on aluminum-gilded paper on panel, 14 7/8 inches by 23 7/16 inches by 2 inches

Title: La Grêle
Media: Painting, silk screen, and wax grattage on aluminum-gilded paper on panel
Size: 14 7/8”h x 23 7/16”w x 2”d
Edition: 1/1
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La Grêle is a one-of-a-kind silk screen and wax grattage and painting on aluminum-gilded mulberry paper on panel.
Gilding is the application of very thin sheets of metal (called leaf) to a surface.
For this piece, I glued aluminum leaf to mulberry paper using a special adhesive and then burnished it flat.
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Grattage (from the French verb gratter, meaning to scratch) is a technique that involves scratching away layers to reveal what’s underneath.
I coat a gilded print with a wax mixture, place it on a relief plate, and then scratch away the wax with razors.
Any raised areas on the plate (including wood grain) get scraped away, leaving the parts of the plate that I’ve carved out. The result is an inverse image of the relief block in a textured wax that sits on the surface of the paper.
More information on wax grattage
We make silk screen prints by pushing ink through a stretched piece of mesh.
Images are made by blocking out parts of the mesh. We call this a stencil. For this print, I used photographic stencils, which you can see on the image to the left.
To make a photographic stencil:

  1. I coat a screen with a photosensitive emulsion and let it dry in the dark.
  2. I then place a transparency—an opaque image on a transparent background like the one on the left—on the screen and expose the two to light.
  3. Next, I wash out the screen with water. Any part of the screen that was covered by the opaque image washes away, leaving a thin stencil that is the inverse of the image. So, the transparent background in the transparency is now a green coating on the screen and the black image is now open–or uncovered–mesh.
  4. When I squeegee ink through the screen, it can only pass through the washed-out image area, creating a print that looks just like the image.

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This is a one-of-a-kind print, also known as a monoprint.

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The Parlour Games Series is about testing the limits of what is acceptable in art we bring into our homes with color, with the degree of chaos in design, and with the subject matter–lichens.

La grêle means hail in French.
The spots of red, yellow and pattern of blue lichens in this piece make me think of a hail storm.
I associate hail storms with panic, chaos, and violence, because I’m usually trying to escape the ice pellets as they hit me from all directions. Just the name conjures the pinging noise of hailstones and memories of watching my garden being eviscerated in minutes.
While I love being outside and losing myself in Nature, I need to remind myself every time I go out on a hike that she can turn at any moment and that I should be prepared.
It’s a reminder that I shouldn’t take Nature for granted. And like two close notes played together, those brief moments of dischord heighten my appreciation for the sunny and warm days.